Sunday, 28 April 2013

Day 23 Bude to lundy

Two hours sleep and we are up at 0015 on Sunday morning. Or is it Saturday night? The wind has dropped and we have a small window for Lundy. The tide is out and its springs. We have a very long and bumpy walk to the sea shore with boats and kit. The next challenge is launching through the surf in the dark, not easy as you can't see the waves until they break. We get out back without incident and the strong spring tide whisks us up the coast. The crossing goes as planned and without incident. One last challenge of the day is carrying all our gear up the hill to the camp site, its a killer and makes the paddle seem easy.

Days 20 to 22 bude

It's been to windy to cross to Lundy so we've had a bit of a rest in Bude. This has given us a good opportunity to clean and sort kit, stock up on food and get ready for Wales. We are now fully rested and ready to go again.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Day 19 Trevose to Bude

Today we paddled in a straight line for 28 miles to Bude.
We saw our first dolphin of the trip, I think it was a common dolphin. It hung around with us for about an hour swimming under our kayaks and jumping out of the water from time to time. Rach tried to get some photos, but dolphins are very camera shy.
We arrived at Bude just after high water and had a nice easy landing on the slipway.

Day 18 St. Agnes to Trevose Head (Mother Ivey's bay)

As we Paddled past Newquay the fog came in thick and we lost sight of land. We just manage to sight Park head and are reassured that we're on course. The tidal race of Trevose Head was bigger than I expected and with very poor visibility it took a lot of concentration to navigate the rocks and breaking waves. As we came out of the race into Mother Ivey's bay the fog cleared just enough for us to see the beach. We decide to spend the night here as we do not have enough time to get past Rumps point before the tide turns.

Day 17 Sennen cove to St. Agnes

After a good nights sleep at Trevedrafarm campsite we set off from Sennen cove at 10.30. We have wind swell and tide with us and make good progress towards St Agnes. As we get to St Agnes head the sea becomes confused, fog rolls in and the swell picks up. We are both hoping landing at Trevaunance Cove will be possible. If we can't land safely it will be further 10 miles to Newquay.
Thankfully as Trevaunance Cove comes into view we see its a nice easy landing, Phew!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Day 16 Lands end

A short day today, just 9 miles around lands end to Sennen. No photos of our paddle today. The sea was rough and there is no way I could of held my camera steady enough. After being flung about by the sea for 3 hours we have checked into a camp site which we seem to have all to our selves. I've had an amazing shower and washed all my stinking clothes. It feels so good to be clean.

Day 15 Falmouth to lamoran cove

Another good day. On the water at first light only to be engulfed by fog. The first few miles are done with the compass and the sea is glassy. When the sun does come through it turns the sea to a shiny cream. We are both feeling fit and make good time to the lizard. Going round the lizard is as easy as it gets. We stop at Mullion cove and have a long lunch in the sun.
After its a long paddle straight across to Lamoran cove.

Day 14 Gribbin Head to Falmouth

Early start today. The wind has died away overnight and the sea is the friendliest its been for the whole trip. Using my wing paddles today is a joy, I love my flats but for long distance winged paddles are the way to go. We stop at Port loe
For lunch and after applying a second generous helping of sun cream we crack on to Falmouth.
We end the day on a little beach near Swanpool.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Day 10 Cawsand to looe

We have wind, tide and an 8 foot swell against us today. The going is slow, an average speed of 2.5 notts. It takes us 5 hours to get to looe. At looe we get lucky and score a shower at Looe gig club and we store our boats there overnight. Thanks to James for that.

Day 12 & 13 Gribbin head

We have a nice sheltered spot on a really nice beach. We have been enjoying the sun today, we now have dry kit for the first time since leaving Brixham. The weather looks good for Friday and beyond, so hope to get some good miles in.

Day 11 Looe to Fowey

Another slog into the wind today The swell has dropped but the sea is still rough. We have found a nice spot to set up camp near Fowey. It looks like we will be sitting tight till Friday.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Day 9 Maker campsite

Moved out of the campsite today. We will sleep in rame gig club tonight so we can make a move in the morning. Everyone we have met in Cawsand and at the maker campsite have been so good to us giving us lifts with our gear to and from the campsite and storing our boats. It would be easy to stay here, but we must move on.

Day 8 Maker campsite

Horrible weather today, fog, rain and wind. Rachels friends Sandra and Nick visited. This gave us a good excuse to go to the pub for dinner.

Day 7 Cawsand

Decided not to paddle today as strong winds are forecast for Sat and Sun. We have moved all our gear and set up camp at Maker campsite. It turns out to be a nice day so we make the most of the sun drying out cloths and kit.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Day 6 Cawsand

We set off from inner hope today heading for Cawsand. There was a big swell and as we got past Wembury the wind started to blow making crossing the sound a bit of a slog. As we got close to Cawsand the sea flattened and the sun came out. We got lucky again and have to say a massive thanks to the Cawsand gig club who have given us boat storage and somewhere to sleep. Rachel couldn't wait for bedtime and needs an afternoon nap - its a tough life.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Day 5 Hope cove

Left Hallsands today at 0800 in thick fog, but it cleared quickly. Got to Start point at 830, Pawle point at 915, bolt head at 1015 and then bolt tail at 1115. Gale warning was issued so we  headed in to Hope cove for the night. There is nowhere to camp at Hope but thanks to the helpful locals we got a great spot for the night. Thanks Sue for the water, phone charging, cup of tea and soup.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Day 3 Hallsands.

When will it get any better? We can't go today the sea looks horrible. Maybe tomorrow? We have had lots of interest in our trip from people walking by on the beach. All the offers of help and filling our water bottles has been lovely and is keeping us motivated.

Day 1 Brixham to Beesands.

We set off from Brixham at first light. Still a good size swell coming in north east, but the wind is dropping so the going is good. Into the wind to berry head and the sun rises, lighting the sky a golden blaze. Round berry head and with a nice swell behind us we are flying along. Surfing the swell in a fully loaded taran is surprisingly easy and great fun. As we get past Dartmouth the swell starts to pick up and going around start point is looking like a bad idea so we cut the day short and head in to bee sands.

Day 2 Beesands.

Its looking like we will have to sit tight untill the weather improves. We move from beesands to Hallsands and set up camp.

Day 4 Hallsands

Still at hallsands. It's frustrating to get held up by the weather so early on, but this is a long trip and to take unessery risks now is just not worth it. When we can go safely we will. The wind has dropped today but is forecast to pick up again tomorrow PM so we might be able to move tomorrow AM. Fingers crossed